The aerospace industry is concerned with human efforts in science, engineering, and business to fly in the Earth's atmosphere and the space around it (aeronautics).Organizations in the aerospace industry research, design, manufacture, operate, or maintain spacecraft and aircraft. There are a wide range of commercial, industrial, and military uses for aerospace activity. Astronautical Engineering and Aeronautical Engineering are two important branches of aerospace engineering that overlap. The need for clean technologies, such as carbon capture and storage, investment in renewable energy sources, and alternative fuels, will be addressed by the Field of Aerospace Engineering. Research institutions play a crucial role in aerospace activities because the development of aviation and space missions is based on a continuous technological progress that affects a variety of disciplines like aerodynamics, propulsion, materials, avionics, communication, airports, and air navigation, among others. Space technology has become increasingly important as a result of the great development and rapid progress in information and communication technology as well as the technology of space exploration. Universities, aerospace companies, and public institutions provide the majority of the fulfillment for the research activity.

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    Amsterdam, Netherlands
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